Two Briar screencaps for you all! People have already posted these, but I thought someone might want HQ ones!


Briar Beauty, in the super shojo style :)


Could someone please post the full size 2560x1600 Frozen wallpaper #17 on bestmoviewalls? Please? I want to edit it, but I don’t have an account!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog guys!

I’ve been super busy on my Apple RP one!

Anyway! Thanks to all who follow me, and I promise there’ll be more Briar Beauty in your futures!

Okay! it’s up! I’ll RP with anyone! Busy today though.


Scratch That! I thought about it a bit…Could I just go ahead with Apple?

hopper-croakington-the-second said: We could also use a Maddie if you’re interested in her! But as for Cedar, you might want to Ash-Mun (Kent) who also runs her.

hopper-croakington-the-second answered: We have an active Ashlynn, but he’s also Cedar and hasn’t updated her in a while. We could really use an Apple if you’re interested~

Thanks a ton! I’m not sure if I could do Maddie, She might be a touch too kooky for me! (Though I love her!)  And about Cedar, I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant in your answer. Did you mean to say I should contact Kent?  I really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so if it turns out Cedar’s still unavailable, Apple would be great!